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We have already invested in client/server software and the supporting hardware. Can we still lower our TCO?

Yes. Even if you have already purchased client/server software and the supporting infrastructure, LoyaltyMatch OnDemand is still more cost effective. There are many ongoing costs associated with maintaining infrastructure, including servers, DBMS, ongoing data management, backups, and higher end client computers. In most cases, LoyaltyMatch OnDemand subscription fees are roughly equivalent to just the maintenance fees of client/server software solutions. After the balance of the required expenditures is factored into the total cost, LoyaltyMatch OnDemand is less than the ongoing costs of client/server.

Couldn't we host LoyaltyMatch OnDemand for less?

No. Hosting only accounts for about 25% of the annual subscription fee. In the example above, this would amount to $2,500 to $2,500-$10,000/year. Even if you already have a server, consider the additional costs of IT personnel/consulting time to manage the system, keep it up and running, do backups, keep the hardware and other infrastructure current and manage security. The bottom line - even if you have the hardware to host internally, the LoyaltyMatch OnDemand subscription service is still more cost effective.

How is it possible to offer LoyaltyMatch OnDemand at such a low cost?

LoyaltyMatch OnDemand was built as a native web product and doesn't require third party products or substantial bandwidth to be deployed over the Internet. The hosting infrastructure is a multi-tenant system, housing the system of many companies, which drastically lowers total processing costs. In addition, since LoyaltyMatch OnDemand is already up and running, many of the typical installation and implementation costs are avoided. As a purely browser based application, client hardware only needs to be capable of running an Internet browser, so providers can extend the life of their older computers or purchase low-end, commodity computers. The simple and intuitive web-design drastically reduces the amount of training required and new clinical staff can learn the system in minutes, with no technical administration required.

Is it possible to find very low cost Loyalty program software?

Yes. As with any product there are low-end, low cost options available and with most of these options, you "get what you pay for." Low cost products are available for a number of reasons: Product life cycle - the product may have come to the end of its life cycle and the vendor has reduced the price in order to extend the product revenue cycle. The product may be based on low-end or desktop database technology and products of this nature can come with a whole host of problems. Even if looking from a cost perspective only - there are real costs associated with frustration, downtime, extensive training, poor performance and the need to replace in the short-term. Looking at it from another perspective, what benefit is received from the "cheap" option? The basic pricing for traditional client/server software used in the comparison above assumes a quality application that uses appropriate technology and is capable of delivering enterprise class functionality. The reason that LoyaltyMatch OnDemand can lower your cost dramatically is not because it has compromised quality - but rather because it embraces state of the art technology that dramatically reduces the cost of delivery over traditional client/server offerings.

Who should I contact for more information or a demo?

Email us at: sales {@} loyaltymatchondemand.com or telephone: +1.866.356.7187