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OnDemand Features: the details

LoyaltyMatch OnDemand offers more features, more powerful customization, easier integration, and the best customer experience. And best of all, thanks to the OnDemand model it can all be deployed immediately. Ideal for businesses, groups or associations.

Rewards Management

Managing your rewards catalogue and member account is as simple and easy to use like other websites such as eBay, Yahoo! or Facebook. Merchandise image and product information uploading is easy as one, two, three. Product rewards modifications takes only seconds.

Our shopping cart and fulfillment processes allow you to mix rewards from either internal or external vendors as well as provide seamless multi-vendor fulfillment capabilities. Flexibility is designed into every process. Tiered programs for your most valuable customers.

Real-time Program Analytics

You can access your program information from any mobile, Netbook, laptop or PC that supports a browser, allowing you to view customer data anywhere you want. Our analytics engine is designed with marketing features that help you streamline your program data needs to support your business objectives.

You and your team can create personal dashboards that show you the most important information in one place. Segmentation, most valuable customers, tiering, and other key customer metrics can be easily obtained. Understand what rewards are most popular, being searched or procured in real-time. All users gain access to our library of common reports and dashboards.

POS and eCommerce Integration

LoyaltyMatch OnDemand integrates with retail POS and eCommerce shopping carts. Our open API allows data to be freely integrated with your software systems.

Local merchants versus big box. Downtown businesses versus shopping malls. Shop local, buy local versus shop global, buy elsewhere. In a world of choices LoyaltyMatch OnDemand levels the playing field for retail merchants.

Social Loyalty

Engage with social media applications Twitter, Facebook, Pintrest, Foursquare, Instagram and other social media to support your social loyalty efforts. Build your own community with LoyaltyMatch OnDemand or interface with other social networks.

With our Social Loyalty features, for example you can give points for Tweeting, commenting about a product or hotel experience, checking-in with Foursquare, posting to a wall on Facebook or updating their LinkedIn blog. Focus on creating word of mouth with those brand advocates whom can intensify, integrate and bond with your brand. Leverage the digital media behaviours of connectors, authors, commentators and spectators to create loyalty. Visit our social loyalty website www.social-loyalty.com to discover more social loyalty tools.

Mobile Applications

Access your loyalty program or loyalty program cards from an iPhone, Android, WAP or BlackBerry mobile phones. No plastic member cards equal no extra costs and are environmentally friendly.

Incorporate location based incentives and coupons to drive traffic to your company. Or reward with badges, levels and leader boards. LoyaltyMatch OnDemand’s mobile applications are a brand-new way to engage with your members. Where deals are automatically pushed, so they're always in the know.

Custom Applications

If you're looking for a custom loyalty program application, but don't have the resources to create it yourself, let us build it for you. We can design and build an advanced, personalized application tailored to your specific business need, timeframe and budget.

Consulting and Fulfillment Options

LoyaltyMatch's ecosystem of consulting and rewards management partners complement our SaaS services to offer a complete end-to-end solution including:

  • loyalty program strategy and design
  • implementation
  • development
  • analytics and data strategy
  • program management
  • rewards management
  • measurement
  • agency services including creative and campaign management
  • fulfillment

"I believe that we are the first concert promoter or music venue to build such a program. I'm positive that anything out there is not this comprehensive. The LoyaltyMatch team had quite a challenge because of the many elements that we wanted woven into the system, starting with ticketing and going through the entire concert experience, including social media and point of sale transactions for both food & beverage and merchandise. The result speaks for itself. LoyaltyMatch definitely stepped up."

Donna Westmoreland,
Chief Operating Officer of the 9:30 Club and its parent company I.M.P.