LoyaltyMatch on demand

Key Features

LoyaltyMatch OnDemand offers more features, more powerful customization, easier integration, and the best customer experience. And best of all, thanks to the OnDemand model it can all be deployed immediately. Ideal for businesses, groups or associations. The LoyaltyMatch OnDemand loyalty, rewards and gamification solution includes:

Rewards Management
Real-time Program Analytics
POS and eCommerce Integration
Social Loyalty
Mobile Applications
Custom Applications
Consulting and Fulfillment Options


“We chose LoyaltyMatch OnDemand because it provides a streamlined platform with the existing features we require and the ability to customize the site as wanted. We wanted to manage the site administration ourselves, with support from LoyaltyMatch when needed. LoyaltyMatch OnDemand could do all that.”

Han Wen
Director of Internet Marketing, Clarins USA