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About Us

LoyaltyMatch OnDemand, the Industry's First and Leading Loyalty Program Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

LoyaltyMatch is a worldwide leader in delivering and maintaining Loyalty program rewards solutions. Our flagship LoyaltyMatch OnDemand rewards solution drives more customer success than any other application. High user adoption, a complete suite of tools and powerful customization to support any rewards process make it the only choice for marketers, businesses and executives looking for success.

LoyaltyMatch OnDemand Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is a loyalty program platform geared specifically to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. Businesses that want to retain and acquire new customers while increasing incremental revenue look to LoyaltyMatch OnDemand to create a loyalty program that is capable of offering cashback, merchandise, services, experiences and travel as rewards.

LoyaltyMatch OnDemand delivers the look and functionality of a customized loyalty program with the speed and reduced budget of an off-the-shelf product, without you ever having to manage the IT resources or maintain expensive infrastructures.

Simple, Easy To Use

LoyaltyMatch OnDemand is easy to use and uncomplicated like many of the Web sites you use every day. You can access your company information from any mobile, Netbook, laptop or PC that supports a browser, allowing you to view customer data anywhere you want. Simple to use like other websites such as eBay, Yahoo! or Facebook. Ease of use allows your program to be up and running in a matter of hours and achieve ROI in days.

Easily Adapted

Every company is unique. Including the way you attract and retain customers. You offer differentiated process, experiences, products or services. That's why LoyaltyMatch OnDemand makes it easy for you to customize the application to fit the unique needs of your company and customers. You manage your business and let us manage your software.

Software as a Service

Our software is provided like a utility. Always available and easily accessible, all without the costs associated with purchasing software and the costly upgrades. With internet-based applications like LoyaltyMatch OnDemand, you're always on the latest version - at no extra charge. New functions and features are available the day they are released.

Security You Can Count On

One of the first questions businesses ask LoyaltyMatch when they are considering a SaaS solution is, "Is it secure"? LoyaltyMatch OnDemand ensures that your customer data is protected. Your customer data is backed up in multiple locations and always available. LoyaltyMatch OnDemand uses the latest firewall technology and implemented encryption capabilities. Our goal is the safest, securest and most reliable loyalty program SaaS solution available.

Pay For What You Need

And not anything more. With LoyaltyMatch OnDemand you pay only for the software required, based on the size of your loyalty program. No hidden costs or costly upgrade or maintenance agreements. You pay for what you need.


LoyaltyMatch OnDemand offers more features, more powerful customization, easier integration, and the best customer experience. And best of all, thanks to the OnDemand model it can all be deployed immediately. Ideal for businesses, groups or associations. The LoyaltyMatch OnDemand loyalty program solution includes (click on each features link for complete details):

Rewards Management
Real-time Program Analytics
POS and eCommerce Integration
Social Media Tools
Mobile Applications
Custom Applications
Consulting and Fulfillment Options

"LoyaltyMatch's web-based, centralized architecture allows us to take advantage of the benefits of technology without the burden of support, focusing our attentions on satisfying customers".

Line Tousignant, CEO WebDweller